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About Dr. BV Chandramouli

EDUCATION Dr.    BV    Chandramouli    graduated    in    1982    from    Banglore Medical   College,   located   in   Banglore,   India.   He   received   a graduate   degree   in   Internal   Medicine   at   the   same   institution in   1985,   after   a   3   years   of   additional   training.   Subsequent   to this,   he   received   Masters   In   Public   Health   (MPH)   in   1992 from   Loma   Linda   University   in   California.   At   Loma   Linda University,   he   completed   residency   in   Internal   Medicine   in 1994   and   then   he   served   as   a   Chief   Resident   in   Internal Medicine   from   1994-1995.   He   then   completed   a   Fellowship in    Cardiovascular    Medicine    at    Albert    Einstein    Medical Center   in   Philadelphia,   followed   by   a   1   year   Fellowship   in Interventional Cardiology at the same institution.   CREDENTIALS Dr.    BV    Chandramouli    received    his    Board    Certification    in Internal   Medicine   in   1995.   He   received   Board   Certification in    Cardiology    in    1999    and    then    Board    Certification    in Interventional   Cardiology   in   2000.      He   has   been   re-certified in     Cardiovascular     Disease     (2008)     and     Interventional Cardiology    (2009).    Besides    these,    he    is    a    Fellow    of American   College   of   Cardiology   (FACC)   and   Fellow   of   The Society   for   Cardiovascular   Angiography   and   Interventions   . Dr.   Chandramouli   also   serves   as   a   volunteer   clinical   faculty at UC Davis, Dept. of Cardiology. EXPERIENCE Dr.    Chandramouli    has    been    in    cardiology    practice    in Redding    since    1999.    He    has    performed    thousands    of interventions    at    Shasta    Regional    Medical    Center    and    at Mercy Medical Center in Redding. PERSONAL Dr. Chandramouli has made North-State the home for himself and his family. He is devoted to his patients and his family. His hobbies include reading books, reading medical literature and volunteering.  ========================================

About Aaron Englebright PA-C

Dr. Chandramouli

Dr. Chandramouli is the only cardiologist at this practice.

Aaron - Physician Assistant

Aaron Englebright is the Physician Assistant for Dr. Chandramouli. He works closely with Dr. Chandramouli.
Taking Care of Your Heart
Aaron   graduated   from   the   University   of   Utah   Summa   Cum Laude    with    a    Bachelor    of    Science    degree    in    Exercise Science.    He    graduated    from    the    Physician    Assistant Program    at    Duke    University    with    a    Masters    in    Health Sciences. Aaron   has   been   working   as   a   physician   assistant in   Cardiology   since   2011.   He   loves   working   in   cardiology and      is      passionate      about      preventative      cardiology, electrophysiology and interventional cardiology. When Aaron isn’t working he loves spending time with his wife and four sons. He also loves the outdoors and running.